This honour Board currently only has our VFA/VFL era, the board will be backdated to include the clubs full history in the future, sorry for any inconvenience.

  Captain Coach Best & Fairest Reserves B&F
1982 P Pinnell P Pinnell T Carroll P. Bloomfield
1983* L Fowler L Fowler G Dempster W. Legget
1984 L Fowler L Fowler G Dempster C. Wheatley
1985 G Anderson L Fowler P Malone G. Paxton
1986 D Vernon P Fryer P Malone D. Quinn
1987* P Maylin P Maylin P Dudley N. Warnes
1988 P Maylin P Maylin G Dempster G. Amderson
1989 P Maylin P Maylin S Clark  
1990 G Meade P Maylin S Clark A. Bromage
1991 G Dempster P Maylin P Maylin S. Jackson
1992 R Morgan B Sheehy P Scurrah A. Thompson
1993 R Morgan B Sheehy D Knight D. Schiltz
1994 D Knight B Sheehy J Caples D. West
1995* D Knight M Ford J Caples K. Stubbs
1996* K Taylor B Gotch S Clark B. Jeffery
1997 K Taylor B Gotch D Knight C. Hall
1998* K Taylor P Nicholson A Little  
1999* K Taylor P Nicholson A Little D. Rigg
2000 J Caples P Nicholson P O'Brien S. Richardson
2001 J Caples P Nicholson S Harrison  
2002 J Caples K Sheldon D Carroll R. Everitt
2003 S. Harrison G. Fitzgerald S. Harrison A. Sinclair
2004 S. Harrison G. Wright S. Harrison J. Rafferty
2005 S. Harrison P. Banfield S. Harrison D. Phitzner
2006 S. Harrison P. Banfield D. Biagi C. Dunne
2007 N. Carmody P. Banfield S. Harrison P. Mercoulia
2008 K. Matthews G. Hutchison J. Wall P. Mercoulia
2009 K. Matthews P. German J. Wall W. Lees
2010 K. Matthews B. Gotch B Miller M. Weekes
2011 K. Matthews/ J. Wall B Gotch T. Mohr L. Tynan
2012 K. Matthews/ E. Panozza B. Lovett T. Couch J. Pollard
2013 E. Panozza R. Welsh J. Hogan A. Lindsay
2014 E. Panozza R. Welsh M. Gawn N. Paredes


E. Panozza J. Plapp A. Riley 

J. Gains 


*Denotes Premiership Year